The Soul of Sammy Morris Was On Fire!

Samuel Morris was born Prince Kaboo in the jungles of West Africa about 1873.  His father was a tribal chieftan.  It was customary in those areas when a tribe lost in battle that the eldest son of the Chief would be given up for ransom payment or pawn.  This happened to Kaboo a number of times.  When Kaboo was about 15 years of age he was taken as pawn and whipped every day, this was done to hasten the rasom payment. Kaboo was to be killed because his father could not satisfy the ransom demand. Just as he was about to be executed a great light came and blinded all but Kaboo. A voice from heaven told him to flee. He ran into the jungle hiding in hollow logs during the day and traveling at night. At this time a beam of light appeared. This light guided him through the jungle for about 3 months until he came upon a coffee plantation in the only free tract of land in the whole region, the country of Liberia. It was here that a missionary from Fort Wayne College in Indiana USA, now Taylor University, lead him to faith in Jesus Christ. It was at this time his name was changed to Samuel Morris. He was so excited about his new Christian faith that he asked many questions of many people over a period of about two years and still he was not satisfied. Finally, he was told that Stephen Merritt in New York City could teach him about the Holy Ghost. He took off on a run toward New York not knowing there was an ocean between him and North America. He reached the coast and found a ship anchored off shore. He was able to convince the captain who was headed for New York City to take him along. During the 6 month voyage Samuel was able to lead most of the men on the ship to faith in Jesus Christ.

When Samuel arrived in New York City he asked the first person he met where could he find Stephen Merritt. Out of the Millions of people in New York City this man knew Stephen Merritt because he had spent time at his mission. He told Samuel he would take him to Stephen Merritt for a dollar. When they arrived at the mission Samuel ran up to Merritt and told him he had just arrived from Africa to talk to him about the Holy Ghost. Merritt was just leaving for a prayer meeting and asked Samuel to wait for him at the mission.  When Stephen Merritt returned to the mission a few hours later, Sammy Morris who could bearly speak english had lead 17 people to faith in Jesus Christ. When Merritt took Samuel to his home his wife asked him, ‘who do you have there?’, Stephen replied, ‘I have an angel in ebony’.  Sammy spent the night in the guest room reserved for Bishop William Taylor.  Sammy wanted to return to Africa and preach the gospel to his people. It was decided that he should get an education first so Stephen Merritt sent him to Fort Wayne College.  The president of Fort Wayne College was Thaddeus Reade. Dr. Reade, through much effort and prayer placed Sammy in the school where he was taught at an elementary level. While at Fort Wayne the spirit of God was on Sammy in a powerful way. It seemed where ever Sammy went the power of the Holy Spirit would fall, people would get saved and others would cry out for mercy and repent of sin.  When he prayed it was like his soul was on fire!


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